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A lot of people these days are tired of sitting around scrolling through the political memes on Facebook, and getting more and more aggravated. Instead of stewing in discontent and searching around for something, sign up to help me out! I'll appreciate you more than those Facebook complainers.

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Your contributions are critical, and go directly towards signs, informational materials to hand out, and administrative support for our volunteers. We're not as fancypants as a Senate race, but we still need to get the word out. Every bit makes a difference!

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Signs, like bow ties, are cool. Sign up for one and I'll have some sign ninjas bring one to your doorstep!

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What I think

There probably aren't too many people who go through school thinking to themselves, "Boy, I can't WAIT to be a part of my local city council and discuss zoning districts!" Yet our democracy demands that motivated citizens stand up and represent those around them to the best of their ability, with an eye on fairness, openness, and equanimity. Before I could even stand for election, I had to swear that, "I, David Sray, of Williamson County, Texas, being a candidate for the office of Council Member District 2, swear that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Texas."

I have to say that uttering these words, even though I'm not even an elected official yet, was an unexpectedly emotional moment for me. Elected officials are supposed to represent all of their fellow citizens, and not just a chosen, fortunate few or large corporations and special interests. Even at the local level, these interests loom large and try to influence decisions being made with your tax dollars. I want to make sure that your concerns are heard and understood by our city officials, and that we're making smart decisions that benefit as many of our citizens as possible. I want to fight for inclusiveness, tolerance, and diversity, so nobody has to ever fear coming to our fair city to work, relax, or have a great time. I want to learn, listen, and leverage my own experiences living overseas and working within the high-tech industry in Austin to bring creative solutions to the table.

Please consider supporting me as your City Council District 2 candidate this May 6th. (April 24th for early voting!)

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